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Lithium bromide

CAS No:85017-82-9
Product Type:Inorganic salts
Product spec:54%-55%
Packing:40kgs or 300kgs/Blue colored PE drum

Zinc chloride

CAS No:7646-85-7
Product Type:Inorganic salts
Product spec:98%min
Packing:25kg/ 50kg P.P.vacuum bag

aluminium ammonium sulfate

CAS No:77784-26-1
Product Type:Food additives
Product spec:99.5%min
Packing:25kg or 50kg or 1000kg in plastic lined woven bag.

L-tartaric acid

CAS No:87-69-4
Product Type:Food additives
Product spec:99.7%min
Packing:25kg kraft paper bag


CAS No:78-67-1
Product Type:Nitrogenous compounds
Product spec:99%min
Packing:20kg per paperboard drum(carton), or on the clients''

Dimethyl formamide

CAS No:68-12-2
Product Type:Organic halogen compounds
Product spec:99.9%min
Packing:190kg/drum(new drum painted in blue). 15.2 Tons /1x20''FCL

L-Mandelic acid

CAS No:17199-29-0
Product Type:Pharmaceutical Intermediates
Product spec:99%min
Packing:25kg Cardboard drum

Sodium Gluconate

CAS No:527-07-1
Product Type:Coating
Product spec:98%min
Packing:25 KG plastic bags inside and woven bag outside.

L-Threonine feed grade

CAS No:72-19-5
Product Type:Feed additives
Product spec:98.5%min
Packing:25kg in a compound bag

Itaconic acid

CAS No:97-65-4
Product Type:Carboxylic acids
Product spec:99.6%min
Packing:25kg in woven bag inner-lined with plastic bag.
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